Welcome,New comers to my 1st post!

My name is Kathleen,and I am a Florida native; born and raised! People all over the place come to Florida all the time: some to retire/move here..others just to vacation.   Most people my age(myself included for a while there) tend to think Florida is pretty boring. Especially if you grew up here, you notice that unless you go into the medical field or something related,there are not a lot of career opportunities here,and most employers don’t pay worth a crap either.

But Florida has it’s sunnier side too. My boyfriend,Kenny and I managed to get 1 day in the week we are both always off work,and we take advantage of it and go places..a lot.  Some places we go to, I have been a few times when I was a kid,and some I had never gone to before. Between the 2 of us re-visiting and visiting for the 1st time places, I have enough experiences and interesting places to let those of you who are looking for something to do in Florida if and when you come(or something to do if you live here but haven’t discovered the awesome-ness that this old fart state has after all) where and what you can do to have a little fun and kill a little time. Since my boyfriend and I live here year-round,we take mini 1-3 day vacations often and can share some of the things you can do here and in what towns they are in.  There are even some things you can do for little to no money at all. =)



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