Downtown Disney-Orlando

1 place my boyfriend and I went to last week was Orlando. It is a long drive especially from Sarasota where we live..I’d say about 2 hours. We went to a few places that weren’t particularly interesting. I had to get work shoes that actually fit(I have itty bitty baby feet, lol),and Kenny,my boyfriend,wanted to go look at trucks-Yawn! They have a big dealership there that sells mainly trucks. I think it was called “Truck Junction.” Or something like that.
Anyway, once we got the boring stuff out of the way,we made our way to the destination we drove about 2 hours to see..Downtown Disney. Now, I’m surprised I didn’t know much about downtown Disney considering I had been to Orlando quite a few times during my life,and I had especially gone to Disney..TWICE in my life. The 1st time I ever went was when I was maybe 7(I’m nearly 30 now),and the 2nd time was with a former friend for er 18th birthday,yet I had never been to downtown Disney. I have also been to Seaworld once and to Universal Studios. There are a lot of theme parks in Orlando. I’d say they’re the theme park capital of Florida considering most of our theme parks are in Orlando. These places are not cheap to get into which is why I rarely ever go if at all,but downtown Disney is free. Kenny’s mom told us about it,and I’m glad for it . It’s free to get in,and parking is free too. Yay! The only that thing that sucks is you hit A LOT of tolls on the way there,so make sure to bring plenty of change and $ bills…or at least get a sun pass which is what I plan on doing since Kenny and I go out of town so often.
So, once you get passed the bazillion tolls, it’s free to get in because downtown Disney is basically an outdoor shopping center with little gift shops and restaurants similar to what you see at the actual parks..and just as expensive. lol. They actually have a year round Christmas store over there(odd for February), a huge AMC movie theatre which had a really big line out front. A friend of mine at work told me that AMC does dinner and a movie. They also have a lego store there and a restaurant and gift shop combined that look like a giant volcano on the roof. It blows out fire like “real” lava too. I’m not that great at describing things,so I have taken some pictures which I will post. I also have a few videos because some things were just too cool for photography and wouldn’t get the justice they deserve like video recording would give them. This volcano- like store is also a “rain forest” on the inside. It has “trees” over head,and they make it sound like a storm is getting started up in there with thunder,lightning,and even the sound of rain. There is also a plush leopard toy that “lounges” above u on an upper wall that moves around every so often. He moves his head,and swings his tails..even slowly closes it’s eyes like a real sleepy cat would. I decided I want 1 of those to drive my dogs beserk with! lol

There was also car boats. I didn’t know there was a such thing,but people were floating around the water in cars. I have pictures of that as well which I will post.I’d say my favorite part of that trip is the live entertainment out there. There is a fountain out there too that has what looks like 2 gold statues standing in front…and they are ALIVE! lol When you go stand in front of them to pose for a picture,they will do everything from imitate your pose,to the guy will look down at you and wiggle his eyebrows in a flirtatious way at you behind your back, the woman will touch you shoulder. It is hilarious,and it drew a big crowd. I video taped that 1 for a little while and 2 separate recordings of people they picked on,and you are welcome to view my youtube videos of it to see for yourself. Last but not least(before we left for the night),there were 2 guys doing improv but by rapping instead of your usual stand up comedy. I did not record that 1 unfortunately. They would have people volunteer from the audience,and do a rap battle for the 2 volunteers. They had had also had 1 woman go up on stage,and they “battled for her heart.” It was too funny. So, if you are looking for something to do in Florida, do like the other tourists,and go to Orlando. There’s plenty to do with just the theme parks alone,or just to go downtown disney for free,and enjoy the environment. I will post my pictures from our trip. =)

Last but not least..the funny statues. =D watch here —> Funny “Statues” & Funny Statues part 2


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