Manasota Memorial Park

If you are at all like me and either believe in spirits, or( in my case) do not know for sure if they exist or not but would like to see for yourself if they are real,then you might enjoy ghost hunting shows and horror movies and maybe even the occasional little ghost hunt now and then.  There are cemeteries all over the world as well houses,old school,old hospitals and more that are supposed to be haunted and make for great places to go to ghost hunting. In Bradenton, FL where I currently reside, is also full of cemeteries to explore. Bradenton and Sarasota both have places with a reputation for a haunting,and as a skeptic, I go out and try to see for myself if it’s true. Are spirits truly real? Or are some people just full of it? Drunk? High? I just don’t know. What I do know is Manatee Memorial Park on SR 70 in Bradenton(not far from my house either) has a reputation for being haunted. When you google “haunted places in Bradenton”, you will come up with a few web sites that list  this cemetery: Manatee Memorial Park.  The website talks about at least 1 story was somebody was there visiting a grave,and this person heard someone call out, “hey you!” when nobody was there. I  have been to to this graveyard a few times myself to explore it,and I personally have not had any experiences,but my friends have claimed to have had something happen to them.

The 1st time I went to this graveyard was maybe 2 years ago with my friend, Samantha. She believes she can feel spirits anyway,and as a skeptic who never experiences anything,I find it hard to believe,but the 1st time I went with her,she kept walking around all over random different places saying she could feel the spirits and was somehow “getting their stories” about how they died, or they were murdered, were still resentful about it and just weird stuff like that. She told me she could sense a girl or woman sitting on aheadstone

and could feel much cooler air in that area than it felt anywhere else. Of course, I felt nothing,and I even took a picture there,but nothing showed up on my camera-well cell phone since it is all I have. We also walked by a particular mausoleum which she said she felt something bad or evil was over there. We then made our way to the back by the creamtorium,and she said could see shadows over there,but I didn’t see anything. I have had interesting things show up in my photos though..I thought I saw orbs in my pictures and maybe even a set of eyes in the mausoleums,but they did look cartoon-ish,so I don’t know if it’s anything.


The next time  went was with my boyfriend,and he was kinda nervous from the start while,once again, I felt nothing. I took him over to that same mausoleum,and he decided to walk up to and look it at it really well.  He came back over to me and told me he felt “hands” push against his chest but lightly as if sorta maybe warning away-to not go over there. That’s strange. It wasn’t too much longer before he was ready to just leave,and I didn’t get to stick around much longer,but I did manage to snap a few random pictures before leaving. I got in 1 of my pictures was a bench much further away from where I was standing,and it looked like somebody was sitting on it. I never saw this myself,but it showed up on my pic. It looked like maybe a man? Somebody sitting over there kinda looking at me like out of curiosity or something. He had looked kinda white and cloudy with not much details,but it definitely looked like the outline/shape of  person sitting over there. I thought that was cool. =)

Now,my last trip over there was just last night,and I didn’t find much. This time my brother and his girlfriend joined me and my boyfriend. It was actually my brother’s girlfriend’s idea since last night was my birthday,and she thought it would  be an awesome birthday treat for me since I love this stuff,and so does she. Well,this time my boyfriend didn’t sense anything,but my brother’s girlfriend kept going up to mausoleums and peeking into them. She and I both went up to and peeked into the same mausoleum,but after stepping back down she said, “I don’t think they liked me doing that because I just felt like I got stabbed.” I can tell you, it didn’t happen to me if that was true.  I was over there too,but only she got “stabbed.” I didn’t get much in my pictures this time,and out of a dozen recordings,only 1 recording had something on it.It was a very brief whisper,but I can’t make out what it says. I have cranked it full volume,and put it y my ear,but I just can’t make out what the voice  is saying. I am keeping it though since that is way too cool.

One more thing,if you are in Bradenton and decide to explore this cemetery, don’t go after dusk because it’s apparently off-limits after dark even though it didn’t used to be. We all got hassled by a cop last night for being there. I guess some total a*holes have been stealing flower pots and vandalizing head stones,so he was suspicious of and made it clear that we better not go back there at night again. There is supposedly a “sign” at the entrance that posts hours,but I didn’t see it and neither did anybody else. We all looked for it again when we left and still didn’t see it. So, they now watch over the place which they didn’t use it. Beware if you go.I want to check other cemeteries or anything else if I can and will report my experiences as I do. Until then, be safe and happy “hunting” fellow ghost hunters. =)





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